Top 4 Reasons to Get a Bulletproof SUV


Bulletproofing of passenger SUVs has become popular in places with higher crime rates. Some brands offer bulletproof versions of their vehicles, but most are just dipping their toes into the bulletproofing game. Because of this, most passenger cars, especially older ones, are modified using aftermarket parts.

Bulletproof SUVs are created by modifying the car’s body components, including its doors, into bulletproof forms; as an SUV’s transparent and bulletproof, the glass parts will also have to be replaced to become bulletproof. For them to be able to withstand gunfire, traditional tires are also replaced. In addition, to make your vehicle adequate for the added weight, you will also need to make changes to the suspension and engine.

Having said that, why are you turning your SUV into a Bulletproof SUV? Can it be beneficial? Does it make sense? Here are four reasons why you should get a Bulletproof SUV :

  • SUVs with Bulletproof Features Are Strong and Sturdy

Car owners need to have security when they travel on the road for various reasons. It’s a fact that bulletproof SUVs come with enhanced security features, unlike ordinary passenger vehicles. As a result, bulletproofing your SUV is the only viable way to address this requirement unless, of course, you are able to rent a brand-new bulletproof SUV.

Celebrities, political figures, government officials, lawyers, and anyone who requires maximum protection will benefit from bulletproof vehicles. Passenger SUVs can also be bulletproofed if the family often travels to destinations with a high risk of safety compromise.

  • Bulletproof SUVs are a luxury

One of the main reasons people convert a car into a bulletproof SUV is for greater protection.

Bulletproof SUVs are truly a luxury since they are safe from weapons and bullets from the outside. When you’re sure that there isn’t a threat to your life and can afford a luxury SUV with protocols behind,

then you should be allowed to buy one for yourself simply because it’s your own money.

  • Bulletproof SUVs can be a valuable corporate asset

A small or large business can benefit from SUVs in so many ways. Among its many benefits, an SUV protects highly confidential documents, equipment, and machines during transportation. Using an SUV ensures that your company’s assets are highly protected at all times.

Occasionally, employees are required to be on board SUVs as well, especially when moving valuables or cash. Additionally, SUVs provide these individuals with additional protection.

  • A bulletproof SUV can serve as a status symbol

If you tell others you own a bulletproof SUV, they will think you are safety conscious and want to have a status symbol showing you are concerned about their safety. Consequently, armoring your standard SUV shows the world your status by showing your strength.

Some people use SUVs as status symbols more than anything else. For those of you who are like them, bulletproofing your SUV is a great idea. If you can afford the luxury, there’s no reason not to do so. As a result, Bulletproof is a good option if you want to increase the strength of your defenses.


Choosing the right bulletproof SUV for your safety and security can be a challenge. Therefore, US Presidential Transport is one of the most reliable companies to assist you with Suppliers of SUVs.

 In order to ensure a seamless and pleasant experience, they will go out of their way; whether you rent or buy, you will have a trustworthy experience utilizing their services.

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