How Much Does a Bulletproof Car Cost?

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A bulletproof car may not be on everyone’s wish list, but it does provide high-profile safety to certain demographics and individuals who require additional protection while travelling. With the increasing insecurity around the world, purchasing a bulletproof car is becoming more common. Depending on the level of customization, the most popular armoring packages can range from $30k to $90k plus the vehicle.

The cost of a bulletproof car depends on the following factors:

  1. The country in which the vehicle is armored: Due to shipping costs, importation fees, and skilled labor, the cost of armoring is much higher in some countries. The price can vary by up to 30% from the standard price.
  2. Coverage area: For economic and security reasons, some clients choose to armor only the glass areas or the glass and doors (not the roof or floor or pillar posts or headers). These armoring packages are less expensive.
  3. The type of vehicle being armored: Some vehicles take longer to armor. European vehicles are typically 10% to 20% more expensive.
  4. The level of protection: This is a personal choice based on the perceived threat.

Bulletproofing a vehicle can cost up to $100,000 in total.

Some of the famous bulletproof cars are as follows:

  1. Mercedes Benz S-Guard: Over the long run in the bulletproof car market, Mercedes has assembled a team to create the Benz S-Guard, which protects against severe firearms and blasts. You can now expect to be protected from 9mm bullets and high-powered rifles such as an AR-15 and.308, among other things. Mercedes-S-Guard Benz’s model is simply an S-model with armor. The window has 3mm thick glass and a heavily coated bulletproof shell. A Mercedes Benz S-Guard will cost you between one and a half million dollars.
  2. Maserati Quattroporte: If you want to go faster while avoiding potential hazards, the Maserati Quattroporte should be your next ride. In addition to stunning styling and performance, the Maserati Quattroporte comes with some solemn bulletproof guarantees for you and your family in the passenger seat. It protects against firearms and 9mm bullet shots. Maserati Quattro Porte can be yours for as little as $145,000.
  3. Ford Raptor: The Ford Raptor is a true beast capable of protecting you from angry terrorist blasts and gunfire. The vehicle includes smoke glass, flat Tyres with a range of up to 60 miles, and blast-proof mirrors. The vehicle’s night vision can protect you from armed robbers at a distance. The Ford Raptor’s base model will set you back $118,000.
  4. BMW X5: BMW has long been a leader in the bulletproof car market, and the BMW X5 Security Plus is the latest addition to the lineup. Because of its thick walls and glasses, it is advertised to withstand an AK-47 rifle. BMW claims that the BMW X5 Security Plus meets level 6 vehicle security requirements. The vehicle’s price tag can reach up to $128,000.


Bulletproof vehicles can be extremely useful for security services. Bulletproof cars of today can protect passengers and drivers in almost any hostile situation. They are also used to protect the highest-ranking officials.

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