SUV Car Rental in Miami: Interesting Facts to Know


In Miami, you will find armored luxury SUV rental companies that have taken the service to a whole new height. With their new fleet of 2021 armored SUVs for sale, you will enjoy the ultimate safety and luxury that these car rentals can provide.

Here are some interesting facts that SUV Car Rental in Miami provides:

  • These car rental companies have expert security drivers who will ensure you reach your destination securely. The specifications of the armor are kept confidential for your protection. If necessary, steel and window certifications are available upon request for authorized personnel only. The added reinforcements and protection are all designed with safety in mind.
  • As such the SUVs are already pre-loaded and can accommodate up to a maximum of five people. It must also be kept in mind that protection does not mean the cars are not fun to travel in. Each vehicle has features to plug in various wireless entertainment devices, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. This ensures top-notch safety and entertainment for travelers.
  • For those flying into Miami, FL who want comfort, luxury, and safety, there is no better option than to rent these SUVs. Offering good value, and ease of travel, there is a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. Whether it is a Cadillac Escalade that combines capacity with comfort or the Chevy Suburban that boasts luxury and robustness, these companies have you covered. If you have an outdoor plan in mind, the Cherokee Jeep or a Lexus, or even a Mercedes Benz G Class may be your best bet.

Mercedes Benz G

Rent Your SUV from-

At, all your SUV rental in Miami needs covering areas of safety, luxury, and comfort are taken care of. An exclusive fleet of armored SUVs across segments of full-size, mid-size, cross-over, and premium, will address all kinds of requirements. You simply must bring your driver’s license(s), credit card, and the email confirming the booking and the payment to the rental counter. At your disposal, will be your chosen armored SUV for you to take along for your travel needs. We further ensure you of a safe and hassle-free experience by providing our trained security drivers who will ensure you not only reach safely but also on time and with a superior travel experience.

With, you can rest assured that we have been in partnership with leading Canadian manufacturers for providing high-end armored vehicles for more than 25 years. Covering trucks, SUVs, and luxury cars, we are the chosen provider for discerning and safety-conscious travelers. All the reinforcements and fittings used, are from credible suppliers and are fitted by experienced mechanics, engineers, and experts. Coupled with our consistent customer service, we are uniquely positioned to deliver you peace of mind through an elevated and secure travel experience. So the next time you are in Miami, for business, or traveling for pleasure – think of to provide you with an excellent, safe and luxurious travel experience through the SUV car rental services. Log on to their website today!

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