Armored Bentley for Rent in Miami FL


Luxury Sedan Rental in Miami FL


The updated armored Bentley for rent in Miami offers top-of-the-line protection and safety. This 8-speed automatic transmission, 6.0L engine produces awe-inspiring handling and torque. The popular armored Bentley comes fully equipped with 360 parking assist, terrain responsive system, blind-spot detection, climate control, and signature surround sound system. Call us today for Armored sedan rental in Miami and we can discuss your armored vehicle security and safety needs. Together we can facilitate, customize the type of protection you need for your armored, bulletproof Bentley purchase.


Mercedes Benz Maybach

We all know that Mercedes Benz is an iconic company whose vehicles are built on advanced engineering and attention to detail. US Presidential Transport continues that reputation by selling top of the line armored Maybach vehicles. Partnering with a reputable armored vehicle manufacturer, incorporating quality craftsmanship ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty. The ultra luxury Maybach production process involves preparation, armoring and finishing elements. We save lives by implementing strict quality control protocols ensuring our production process meets and excels industry standards. Our inventory of ultra luxury Maybach sedans offers the most protective, dependable, memorable armored car experience.

BMW 750 IL

The armored BMW 750IL is a global statement of elegance, luxury and class. The armored transformation process translates to solid security in a German engineered world class package. The eight speed automatic transmission, V8 engine produces impressive performance, handling, luxury and comfort. BMW 750IL comes equipped with standard safety features including automatic lane change assist, evasion assist, digital key, cruise control and 360 degree parking camera technology. Additionally, our armored solutions protect prospective buyers from the dangers of ever increasing crime. Ingenuity, creativity has transformed this engineering marvel into an armored fortress for owners and their family.

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