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Welcome to US Presidential Transport

Bulletproof Sedan Car Rental in Miami

Premier armored car rental Miami Florida, bulletproof chauffeured car SUV rental Miami Beach, Armored Vehicles for Sale Miami. In this volatile economy, we are committed to addressing the growing need for armored vehicles among VIPs, celebrities, diplomats throughout South Florida.

Cadillac Escalade Armored SUV

The spacious Escalade is the vehicle of choice for VIPs and celebrities seeking high level armored vehicle protection.

Armored Chevrolet Suburban

We strive to maintain, acquire an iconic US brand inventory and are dedicated to providing a personalized hassle-free experience.

Mercedes Benz Bulletproof SUV

Very few cars compare to the quality and precision build of Mercedes Benz. We incorporate armored security solutions to the best of German engineering.

Maybach Armored Car Rental

Our ultra luxury armored Maybach rental, chauffeured security driver is the ultimate safe, reliable executive protection service.

Luxury Armored Vehicle Rental in Miami

Armored SUV Rentals

Bulletproof vehicles for sale Miami, Luxury armored vehicles are the result of custom engineering ensuring customer protection and satisfaction. We can secure, transport up to five in comfort and style. Deploying discrete, low-key effective security and risk management.

  • Luxury and Comfort
  • Advanced Technology
  • Stringent Standards
  • Precision Engineering
  • Attention to Detail
  • Quality Craftsmanship

Armored Sedan Rentals

Armored sedan rentals roof, passenger compartment, glass, battery is equipped with ballistic plate throughout. Standard run flat tires with all spares included. Fenders, radiator armored to protect against blast and impact bullets. Sedans and SUV protection levels range from hand guns to armor-piercing bullets. High level protection without changing vehicle appearance.

Chevy Armored SUV Aventura

Armored Vehicles for Sale

If you are in the market for an armored car, look no further than US Presidential Transport. We are living in uncertain times where safety is of the utmost importance. In addition to rentals, Used Armored Vehicles for Sale Miami with industry leading technology. Constructed with stringent standards ensuring the safety of your friends, family and business associates.


High-quality armored car rental in Miami, USA

We furnish high-quality premium armored car rental in Miami, USA. We provide our clients with exceptional experiences at the most affordable prices. We make it straightforward and uncomplicated for everyone to hire Armored luxury SUV cars The most amazing customer service experience and the newest collection of cars make us the number one top Luxury Car Rental company in Miami.

We deliver excellent prices on High-quality armored car rental in Miami. Our prices are up to date. We proffer a fleet of luxury cars, including luxury convertibles and SUVs, as well as a vast range of other luxury and exotic cars to pick from when renting a luxury car at our Miami, armored cars Florida location. We will pick up clients from Miami International Airport or hotels in Miami and Miami Beach, and we will always make every effort to provide the best automobiles at the greatest pricing.

Process or Renting ARMORED VEHICLES on US Presidential Transport?

Our major goal is to give our clients with protection and peace of mind by supplying the most dependable and safe armored passenger vehicles on the market. We also aim to contact as many individuals as possible at a low cost. To best meet their demands, a person might lease or hire an armored vehicle.

Our armored vehicle lease program would be designed to provide a genuine benefit to thousands of new individuals who may not require an armored vehicle for sale on a daily basis. Still, it would be available as they travel to and from an airport or in specific parts of the world as they travel around dangerous regions.

We provide a diverse range of armoured cars, including sedans, trucks, and SUVs. To build our cars, we use the most recent high-quality composite, lightweight materials. We have you covered no matter whatever armoured vehicle you are desiring to rent. Call us right away.



What to expect when choosing US Presidential Transport for Armored SUV rental?

Nowadays, one can easily get used armored SUV for sale in Miami. US Presidential Transport has come up as a trusted name among all the bulletproof car rental companies. People generally seem interested in knowing what to expect from US Presidential Transport while renting an armored luxury car. We don’t just provide used armored SUV cars but also ensure customer satisfaction. Luxury, comfort, advanced technology, stringent standards, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and precision engineering are all you can expect in return. We always focus on providing a secure and safe riding experience to our customers. After all, their comfort seems extremely important to us at US Presidential Transport.

Are Luxury Armored Cars Expensive?

The answer to the question is not always yes! People generally look forward to traveling in comfort and style. Perhaps, this is why they go with luxury armored cars and choose to travel in comfort. You just can’t deny the fact that your luxury armored cars come at a cost. However, it really does not mean that you have to make a hole in your pocket when renting luxury armored cars. At US Presidential Transport, you can choose to travel in bulletproof luxury cars at affordable costs. You can reach out to us and check our deals on luxury armored cars that fit your budget with relative ease. Moreover, we have different options for you.

Are Armored Cars Bulletproof and Safe?

Generally, yes! Renting or buying a bulletproof car is always a great decision to make. Well, you can find many used bulletproof cars for sale online these days. Armored cars are manufactured in a way that you can see layers of armor plating and bulletproof glass to aid the individual who is inside the car. These cars are not just bulletproof but also safe. If you want to buy a bulletproof used vehicle, you can reach out to us at US Presidential Transport. Here you can get your hands on different options that match your preferences with ease. Now, look for bulletproof vehicles for sale and seize the best deals easily from our website.

What is the Process of Getting Used Armored Car at US Presidential Transport?

If you are in the market to find the best deals to get used armored car for sale, you would not find the right place other than US Presidential Transport. We are providing a wide range of chauffeur options when you are looking for a bulletproof SUV. Since safety is of the utmost importance these days, you will find affordable deals with ease at US Presidential Transport. All you need to do is to decide whether you want to Rent a bulletproof car or buy and then check our catalog to pick your option.

Once you are done, you will get a quote from us and get a used armored or bulletproof SUV.

What Payment Method does US Presidential Transport accept?

Car rental costs fluctuate all the time, making it impossible to determine whether you booked at the proper moment. For booking your Armored Car Rentals or want to get information for an Armored Car Sales inquiry, you can fill out the form; our team will get in touch with you. We accept all types of credit cards, bank wire, and Zelle.

What is the cancellation policy on US Presidential Transport accept?

Feeling irritated after canceling a reservation and not receiving a full refund? Almost all our bullet proof car rental arrangements have no cancellation cost when canceled prior to pick-up. No deposit, making car rental inexpensive. A trip is not considered booked until payment is received. Deposits are refundable up to 48 hours before the planned start time and are non-refundable beyond that time. Cancellations made within two hours of the scheduled start are billed at 100% of the projected expenses.

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