What Is the Most Common Armored Vehicle?


Armored luxury cars are specially designed vehicles that can withstand explosions and attacks from various lethal weapons. Until recently, the use of these vehicles was extremely limited. Such vehicles were primarily used by armed forces, banks, and heads of state. That era is now over. Today, civilians commonly use the best armored vehicles with all luxurious features. However, civilian armored vehicles are more common in various variations than military vehicle options. You can tailor a variety of different safety and security features to your specific requirements. These vehicles are preferred by many celebrities, CEOs, businessmen, politicians, and famous athletes. According to various studies, armored vehicles will be ubiquitous on the road within the next decade.

Some of the most common armored vehicles are as follows:

  1. Volvo XC 90: The Volvo XC 90 is one of the market’s most durable hatchbacks. Volvo has been steadily improving the design and performance of all of its vehicles in recent years. You can now add armor to your Volvo vehicles for added protection.
  2. Bulletproof Chevrolet Express: The use of bulletproof vehicles has grown significantly. People use cash in transit (CIT) to transport various goods such as gold, silver, money, and other precious metals. The Chevrolet Express is a popular choice among executives.
  3. Ford F150: Although International Armoring Corporation armors a variety of Ford trucks, the Ford F150 is one of the most popular armored trucks on the market. The truck’s exterior is made of aluminum alloy and has bullet-resistant glass. It can withstand multiple rounds of handgun ammunition and shields you from explosions, hand grenades, and other explosive devices.
  4. Audi A8 Security: It is a vehicle that provides style, luxury, protection, dependability, and durability all in one. The price of such vehicles is quite high due to all of their characteristics. However, the Audi A8 Security is reasonably priced, making it a popular choice among luxury vehicle enthusiasts. The exterior of the vehicle is made of a special aluminum alloy, and the bulletproof glass is made of polycarbonate. It protects its passengers from multiple shots from handguns and other lethal weapons such as AK-47s.
  5. Mercedes-Benz S-Guard 600: The Mercedes-Benz S-Guard 600 is one of the most commonly available armored vehicles for civilians. Although it appears to be a regular car, it is made of highly durable and unbreakable steel and ceramic composite materials. High-quality ballistic glass improves its protection against all ballistic threats. The S-Guard 600 has numerous safety features. For example, its run-flat technology allows you to drive the vehicle for up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) after it has been punctured. In the event of a chemical or tear gas attack, the fresh air system provides oxygen to the cabin. Its tough armor body shields you from explosions and other lethal weapon attacks. Politicians, celebrities, and business moguls all use the vehicle.


Everyone desires safety and comfort. People nowadays prefer to travel in the most secure vehicles. The armored luxury vehicles are available in a variety of price ranges. As a result, the use of armored vehicles is becoming increasingly popular. Getting an armored vehicle is the best way to protect yourself in this day and age.

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