The World’s 10 Most Incredible Military Armored Vehicles

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Since World War I, armored personnel carriers, or APCs, have played a significant part in military activities. Modern APCs with improved protection, such as the Patria AMV, Boxer, and Piranha V, allow for safer infantry deployment in hostile environments. According to security and flexibility, presents some of the best wheeled armored personnel carriers today.

  1. Piranha V

The Piranha V is the most recent model in MOWAG’s line of Piranha multi-role wheeled armored vehicles.

Thirteen people can be accommodated inside this Piranha V armored personnel carrier, which has a sturdy armored hull that can withstand the effects of IEDs, mines, IEDs, and EFP threats. The truck can be equipped with an active defense system and extra amour, providing varying degrees of defense with even more than 95% coverage.

The carriers can be equipped with various modular armament platforms, from modest weapon stations that can be commanded electronically to powerful turret/gun systems like the LANCE 30mm Modular Turret System. It incorporates a 550km range and a 100km/h MTU diesel engine top speed and Fuel-Efficient Drive train System (FEDS).

  1. Patria AMV

The Patria AMV is a cutting-edge 88-armored tracked vehicle made by the Finnish company Patria. More than 1,600 Patria AMVs have been ordered by the armed units of Finland, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, and the United Arab Emirates since the market introduction in 2004. The Patria AMV transports three crew members and as many as ten soldiers while shielding the crew from IEDs and explosively produced formed. Ballistic defense versus up to a 30mm Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot-Tracer is provided by its forward hull. Additionally, the vehicle can survive explosives mines weighing up to 10 kg. The 12.7mm heavy machine gun is mounted in the Patria PML 127 OWS turret on the Armoured Personnel Carrier variant of the Patria AMV. The car can go faster than 100 km/h.

  1. Boxer APC

Spaced and sloping armor systems are fitted into the vehicle to provide security from  IEDs, mines, and ballistic threats. It offers all-around ballistic protection against weapons up to 14.5mm at a 30° elevation, shields the crews against anti-tank including anti-personnel bombs, cluster bombs, and mortar rounds, and protects against these threats.

  1. Boomerang K-16 APC

The APC has a three-person crew consisting of a commander, gunner, and driver and can transport seven regiments. The Boomerang K-16 incorporates bolt-on ceramic armor that provides all-around defense against 14.5mm AP projectiles and ballistic shrapnel from 152mm rounds.

  1. ARMA 8*8 APC

Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi, located in Turkey, introduced the ARMA 88 modular wheeled armored vehicle at the 2013 International Defence Industry Fair (IDF). Several mission variations are possible using the base ARMA vehicle as a system is designed to allow. Inside the ARMA APC vehicle are space for ten soldiers, the commanders, and the commander. The armored hull provides excellent defense against mines, RPGs, EFPs, IEDs, and Kinetic Energy (KE) penetrators.

  1. Terrex 8*8 APC

The Singapore Armed Forces use the Terrex 88 armored personnel carrier (APC), which ST Kinetics makes. 13 soldiers are transported in the vehicle, which provides better mobility and enhanced survivability. It has helped to put a pressure gauge system that enables automated tire inflating and deflating for various terrains while moving.

  1. BTR-82A APC

The luxury armored vehicles provides better protection over the BTR-80 and can transport three crew members and seven passengers. The crew of the BTR-82A is shielded from mine & IEDs by hydrogen embrittlement liners on the inside of the armor.

  1. BTR-4MV1 8*8APC

In October 2017, even during the Arms and Security 2017 trade show, the BTR-4MV1 APC made its debut. It has a three-person service and 7 passenger capacity. A cutting-edge modular armor defense system integrated into the vehicle provides up to NATO STANAG Level 5 shielding. It can be used throughout the day and night in all types of weather.

  1. Pandur II 8×8

The Pandur II 8×8 armored personnel carrier is a development of the General Dynamics European Land Systems-Steyr Pandur I 6×6 wheeled armored vehicle. The Austrian Army, Czech Army, Indonesian Armed Forces, and Portuguese Armed Forces are using the vehicle.

  1. Piranhaanha 5

Thirteen people can be accommodated in the Piranha V armored personnel carrier, which has a sturdy armored hull that can withstand the effects of mines, IEDs, and EFP threats. The vehicles can be equipped with an active defense system and extra armor, providing varying degrees of defense with more than 95% protection.

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