5 Tech Upgrades Your Armored Car Must Have

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Every safety device a car can have, from useful abilities like unbreakable windshields to offensive ones like road tack launchers, is considered armoring. However, even if these may undoubtedly keep your automobiles safe, it is also important to have the proper accessories to finish off your ride. As a result, here are five cutting-edge accessories you absolutely would have in your armored automobile.

1. On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD2) device with a lot of features

Your armored vehicle will undoubtedly be very expensive. The diagnostics of your automobile may be seen with a complete OBD2 device, which also has other helpful functions like geo-fencing and recovered vehicle tracking. Verizon’s Hum is among the greatest products on the market, according to Digital Trends. It has a range of pricing options, ranging from unrestricted to a $15/monthly price, depending on your needs, which is fantastic. You can keep your automobile in peak condition with the help of Hum’s smooth app integration, which may provide safety alerts and maintenance recommendations.

2. A handy dashcam

A growing number of people are using dash cams for a variety of reasons. One can be installed for a number of reasons, according to Verizon Connect, including the ability to gather evidence in the event of an accident, the ability to establish trust with your drivers and other potential users of your vehicle, and even the ability to pay less for insurance. Although there are many models available, look for somebody who has practical features like speech recognition technology and a smooth app connection so you can access your video feed from anywhere. The Waylens Secure360 will satisfy your need for something incredibly high-tech to go with your armored car thanks to its motion sensors as well as the 360-degree lens.

3. Headunits with an entertaining design

There is an increasing trend among people to spend more on their car’s head unit. Non-Tesla drivers, of course, desire a piece of identical technology for their luxury armored vehicles. The Model S has a 17-inch tablet for a head unit and is packed with plenty of entertainment capabilities (see an armored one here). ZWNAV provides a smaller, but comparable, service. The 12.1-inch vertical screen of the ZWNAV, which runs Android 9.0, enables you to get the most out of your car’s entertainment system. Additionally, it supports Waze as well as Google Maps, two of the most popular navigation apps available on the Google Store.

4. This TPMS monitors your tire pressure in a nifty way

Although every automobile has a built-in TPMS, improving it would provide your vehicle the extra level of security it needs. Furthermore, with more recent models like the FOBO TPMS, you may check your phone to view the gas pressure in your automobile. It is also really simple to install. Simply attach the sensors with screws to your tire’s current valve system, then pair it with the FOBO app via Bluetooth. Anti-theft nuts hold the FOBO TPMS firmly in place, leading to speculation that it will be stolen or even fall off your tyre.

5. Charge your phone wirelessly with this stable mount

It’s vital to have a solid mount for your phone if your armored automobile has a lot of high-quality components that are attached to your phone. According to Twin Cities’ guide to phone mounts, you should make absolutely sure that the device mount won’t obstruct your view of the road before purchasing it. Because it can be hooked on your AC vents and wireless charges your smartphone as long as it is Qi-enabled, we suggest the Easy One Touch Wireless Fast Charging Air Vent Mount.

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