What car models are luxury armored vehicles based upon?


It’s safe to say that armored luxury car are under-explored breeds in the high-end automobile niche. We can effortlessly imagine these vehicles in a political-thriller-movie-style line, leading a motorcade of frightening, black limos. But the imaginations seldom range beyond such imagery.

To educate more about luxury-class, bullet-resistant vehicles, we will discuss in this article, armored cars manufacturers as they have produced numerous armored G Wagons, stretched limousines and sports cars for governmental clients and economic leaders globally.

Wide Range of Armored Vehicles

Armored car manufacturers provide a wide range of armored vehicles and bulletproof cars, including armored SUVs, luxury armored vehicles and limousines, tactical vehicles, cash-in-transit vehicles, armored buses and trucks. They also produce special purpose armored vehicles for its commercial and institutional clients on a global scale.

High-Quality Armoring & Assembly

Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has been producing bulletproof vehicles for a long. During this period, they have been continuously adapting the approach to armoring to ever-changing technology. They deliver high-quality armoring and assembly through the professional staff, organizational depth, safety culture, and industry experience.

High-Quality Components

All these vehicles are reinforced with numerous composite materials and metal plating systems to make them particularly resistant to attacks of various types. Whether it is a bat-wielding assailant or a coordinated attack with explosives and/or firearms, such armored vehicles have been designed with all types of defensive scenarios in mind.

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Guard

One of the most well-liked and the newest addition to Mercedes’ bulletproof range is the Pullman Guard which is considered to be superlative for those who want protection without compromising on comfort. The longest Mercedes-Maybach vehicle by 40 inches, this limo-style car can seat four passengers in the back with a facing configuration making it the perfect place for on-the-go business meetings.

Audi A8 L Security

Audi’s armored vehicle has proved popular and the most admired car and thanks to its ability to mix a subtle, business-like aesthetic with top quality safety measures. The A8 L’s person along for the ride safety cell is developed from aramid material, special aluminium alloys and hot-formed steel armor which offers VR 9 class safety without added weight.

Range Rover Sentinel

Another popular armored car is the Range Rover Sentinel is especially for those with a passion for off-roading and is based on the brand’s popular Autobiography model but with adequate added armor to withstand a blast from a DM51 grenade and satisfy VR 8 level ballistic threats.

Through in-depth industry expertise, the car manufacturers have the experience of offering access to high-end armored vehicles to the valuable clientele covering corporate clients, banks, agencies related to law enforcement, persons, and so more all across the country.

Towards addressing the most common threats that the clients tend to face all around the world, the renowned armored vehicles manufacturers employ the best industry practices. They take special care of top-class technological innovation along with top-notch quality management and design assurance. The impressive fleet of armored vehicles is assured to deliver enormous security as well as protection.

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