Various Types of Bulletproof Armored Car Security Systems You Should Know

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Airbags, seatbelts, and anti-lock brakes are often the first things that come to mind when people think of automotive safety measures. Something more secure is frequently required for the exceedingly rich, government leaders, or expatriates residing in high-risk areas. To meet the demand, companies that strengthen and bulletproof cars and trucks have sprung up all over the world. The concept is to take an SUV or other vehicle, disassemble it, and then add ballistic glass, composite material, and bullet-resistant steel. The goal is to reassemble the car in a covert manner so that no one can tell it is armored.

Heavy-Duty Door Hinges and Armored Doors:

The reinforced body, beginning with the doors, is one of the key components that make an up-armored vehicle secure. The doors, pillars, posts, side panels, kick panels, front quarter panels, and rear doors are all armored with ballistic quarter-inch AR500 steel to withstand blasts.

Unbelievable Door Handles:

Electrically charged door handles, which in real life might help protect passengers from carjackings or other intrusions, are one feature that you might anticipate seeing in a James Bond film. You can press that startling door handle to thwart an assault if you are at a stoplight. The handles may be activated with the flick of a button, sending a powerful 160 volts of electricity into the hands of a potential assailant, rendering the intruder temporarily helpless and allowing the target to flee.

Strengthened roofing and flooring:

The flooring and other big surfaces must also be strengthened in order to fully up-armor a vehicle. These improvements also have the advantage of being lightweight, which enhances the vehicle’s mobility without adding weight and provides protection against blasts.

System for Dispensing Smoke:

A smoke-screen dispenser is another option for vehicles with increased armor. When the driver activates the system, a sizable cloud of white smoke is produced at the rear of the automobile and lasts until the device is deactivated. The system’s goal is to assist the driver to avoid pursuing vehicles, and it should only be utilized in dire circumstances.

Night Vision Display:

Knowing your environment is among the best ways to defend yourself. The night vision display, which is mounted on the dashboard of a car, gives users the ability to detect movement and objects farther in front of the car than with traditional lighting in the evening, providing the driver plenty of time to avoid threats. The on-dash navigation system’s LED screen, which is integrated into the system, also enables users to zoom in. The car might possibly be operated solely by the heat display in dire situations, but this is not advised.

Self-Sealing Fuel Tank:

The fuel tank is an essential part of every car. Many people would be happy to have a fuel tank that is bullet- and fire-resistant fitted in an armored car in case it comes under fire. The fuel tank can be converted to a bullet- and blast-proof self-sealing tank using bladder technology to stop fuel leaks in the case of enemy bullets penetrating the tank. This stops the fuel from igniting and endangering the occupants further.

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