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Armored vehicles are the safest form of vehicles that are on the road. These vehicles are manufactured to keep the passengers in the vehicle safe, from any kind of attack. Armored vehicles are made to resist attacks against gunshots and even bombings. These vehicles are mostly modified as per the requirement of the owner of the vehicle. This is because these vehicles are made against different grades of protection that they provide. Not all armored vehicles are alike, there is some difference in the vehicle, but that doesn’t make any of these vehicles less interesting. So, what are the most interesting facts about armored vehicles? Here is a list of a few of them.

1-      Bullet Resistant Glass:

For most of us, glass seems to be the most fragile thing that we see around but in an bulletproof vehicles for sale, it is the glass that is one of the strongest elements. These glasses are up to 60mm thick and are multi-layered. The strength of the glasses is such that they can resist multiple bullet strikes.

2-      Run Flat Tires:

When we talk about a normal car or vehicle that runs on the road, in case their tires or even a tire deflates due to a puncture the car or the vehicle is bound to stop for replacement. In the case of the armored vehicles though the story is different. The vehicles are equipped with run-flat tires, which when fully ruptured can still take the car more than 50 miles and at speeds greater than 60miles per hour.

3-      Smoke Effect:

Imagine that your vehicle is stuck in a spot where everyone can spot you and that they can aim directly at your vehicle. In this scenario, you need a distraction or a way that makes sure that the attack can be obstructed. To get this effect in an open area the armored vehicles used the smoke effect. The used armored vehicles for sale and use a hot plate on which oil is dispensed

, the oil forms vapors which when mix with the cold air around form a curtain of mist around the vehicle. This makes the car stealth from the attackers around.

4-      Land Mine Shielding:

Many of the armored car sale come with land-mine shielding. These vehicles have a plate installed at their bottoms. These plates are thick and highly resistant to the blasts that may happen around them. These plates are mostly in highly armored vehicles.

Armored Vehicles are not just simple cars, they are a piece of highly engineered vehicles that have the ability to sustain very high impacts on its body. The vehicles are fast and agile to make sure that in case the situations worsen the vehicle is able to protect the passengers inside and also is able to escape the situation by driving away from it swiftly. The armored vehicles carry in them elite people and they have been doing so for a long time.

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