Tempered glass vs. ballistic glass: What’s the difference?

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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass stronger than normal glass. Its strength has been increased by heating or chemical processing to make its surface tough. The heat treatment of toughened glass compresses its surface externally and causes tension in the glass internally. Tempered glass breaks into pieces that do not harm you; however, on the other hand, clear glass breaks into irregular shapes that will harm you. Therefore, this particular type of glass is used in public safety.

Ballistic Glass

Ballistic glass, also known as bulletproof glass, is an extraordinary work of engineering to protect high officials or businessmen from bullets. It is designed using multiple layers of laminated glass to improve its ballistic performance. This will increase the safety of the people traveling in cars having ballistic glasses. Soft and transparent glass has been used in bulletproof glass that is untampered with the impact of bullets. This is due to the high elasticity of glass that increases its curvature after the impact. We are specialized in providing armored cars to our valuable consumers on a rental basis to value the safety of their lives. Safety-conscious and elite consumers are our main priority, and therefore, we are producing armored cars, SUVs, and trucks with ballistic glasses to keep them safe.

Difference between tempered glass and ballistic glass

Both tempered and ballistic glasses are used to protect the lives of the people. A single piece of glass is processed to make tempered glass. On the contrary, transparent glass material is customized in ballistic glass to boost its ballistic performance.

Tempered and ballistic glasses are used to protect people. The main difference between both glasses is that tempered glass safeguards the lives of the people when the impact of the energy is low. At the same time, the ballistic glass protects high officials or businessmen under conditions when the impact of the energy is very high, specifically from a bullet. Bulletproof glass or ballistic glass also ensures that the bullet cannot pierce through the glass as its thickness is more than that of tempered glass.

Although in ballistic glass, the place where the bullet hits the glass broke, and some dents are also visible at that place, its last layer remains intact as it is. This means that the glass is not shattered into pieces; due to this, the people traveling in such cars remain safe compared to when they travel in cars with tempered glasses. Luxury armored cars are generally made with ballistic glasses or bulletproof glasses to give surety to people that their lives are in safe hands when they travel in our cars.


US Presidential Transport provides services like armored cars that are designed to give luxury to all its consumers. We are a team of professional engineers constantly adapting various technological changes in our cars with a mission to provide our consumers with the utmost safety. All our consumers witness a high level of armored features in our cars for their safe traveling.

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