Key Parts to Consider When Choosing the Best Armored Vehicle

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The demand for advanced featured cars such as luxury armored cars have increasingly increased over the past few years. Business owners, politicians, sports players, and military personnel prefer the best armored vehicles to reach from one to another as their lives have been out on stake and their enemies are constantly looking for a chance to attack them. You can find the best armored car for your safety with patience as per your requirements. Whether you are purchasing an used armored vehicles or you are taking it up for rent, you need to consider some essential key points to fulfil your best-fit requirements.

  • Identify your requirements for protection

With the advancement in technological equipment, engineers transform different vehicles with the implementation of different features to boost the safety of the people traveling in those vehicles. In such vehicles, ballistic or bulletproof glasses are implemented to increase the level of safety of the people. The safety of the vehicles depends on the thickness of the ballistic glass that is used to make the windows and front and rear windscreens of the vehicles.

The first and foremost point to remember when purchasing or renting vehicles is to identify the level of protection you require for your safety. Business owners, politicians, military personnel, and sports players choose the high level of protection for their families and themselves to travel from one place to another. Whereas, a common civilization chooses a low level of protection in its vehicle to protect itself from general threats.

Choosing an armored vehicle also depends on the type of weapons you need to safeguard yourself from. US Presidential Transport is equipped with an efficient technical team that is highly experienced in designing high-quality protected vehicles for our consumers. We also have trained associates to assist you in choosing armored vehicles for rent or purchase by identifying the level of protection you need. We customize the vehicles as per your level of protection and transform them into armored vehicles especially sedans and SUVs to satisfy our consumers.

  • Set your vehicle budget

Once, you have identified the need and level of your protection against a threat, there is a need to set a budget that rightly fits your selected vehicle. The armored car you have chosen for your traveling has been manufactured with the desired ballistic materials you have selected. These additional materials enhance the protection level as well as also increase the weight of the armored vehicle. As a result, its production cost also increases and it becomes more expensive as compared to the production of a standard car. Due to this, you need to set a budget for your armored car before selecting the type of car. Our consultants effectively help you in selecting the optimal package budget cars for your protection.

  • Take a test drive of your chosen vehicle

You can take a test drive of your selected vehicle to feel the luxury of the cars that we are providing to our consumers.


At US Presidential Transport, you will find various armored SUVs and sedans that will provide you with quality, high-end protection with bulletproof or ballistic glasses in armored cars.

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