Levels of protection for Sedan and SUVs:

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Both Sedans and SUVs are popular in the current market. Containing various intriguing features, vehicles of these types have already created hype in the world of vehicles.

But, do you know the protection levels of these two luxury armored vehicles? Well, before getting your hands on one vehicle, your must know about its safety and security level along with its features.

So, all who are interested in exploring the levels of protection for Sedans and SUVs, without further ado, let’s dig in.


Sedans are the first pick of many passengers who love to enjoy cozy, smooth, and safe rides. So, when it comes to the levels of protection for a typical Sedan, developers tend to keep it between B4 and B5.

A Sedan with a B4 level of security can resist attacks from weapons, including sporting rifles, handguns, etc. In addition, when guns are shot from a closer distance with a lower velocity of .44 Magnums and over, a B4 level protected Sedan can easily withstand it.

On the other hand, when you ride a B5 level protected Sedan, it ensures your safety from powerful guns like an AK-47. Some studies imply that Sedans are safest in a crash when it involves two similar size vehicles. But, paradoxically, SUVs tend to get involved in such accidents due to their large size and heavyweights.


When it comes to providing protection and security, SUVs are also a strong player. However, most people prioritize Sedans over SUVs in the matter of comfortable rides; SUVs are also quite decent.

Being heavy and large, SUV vehicles can provide a lot more safety than a Sedan if crash or collapse. In addition, an SUV can absorb a greater amount of energy than any other car, including a luxury sedan rental in Miami FL.

On the other hand, bulletproof suv are taller than other armored cars. So, the driver can easily have a much wider and clearer view of the road when it comes to the driver. As a result, the chances of getting into an accident decrease while riding or driving an SUV.

The metal construction of SUV vehicles provides enough gaps between the passengers and the road. In addition, the high wheels, airbags, and anti-lock brakes provide an SUV rental Miami with lots of protection.

Now, when it comes to the protection level, an armored suv usually gets designed for providing B5, B6, and even B7 levels of protection. It means if you are riding an SUV with a B5 protection level, you can survive the attack of an AK-47 and other assault weapons.

The most robust SUVs with a B7 level of protection protect super high-velocity rifles, sniper rifles, and other armor-piercing rounds.

So, in case you are looking for the ultimate level of protection from a vehicle, you can select an SUV closing your eyes.


These, in brief, were a detailed description of the levels of protection for a Sedan and an SUV. Hopefully, you have understood the safety measurements of both these vehicles and acknowledged which one is better for you.

If you need high safety and protection, make sure to choose an armored SUV. But, in case your protection requirements are relatively lower, you can opt for a Sedan any time.

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