Interesting facts about bulletproof vehicles:

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The impact of a bulletproof car on the present generation is indeed startling. People, for protecting the lives of their family members, have been opting for bulletproof cars for the past few years.

But, do you know some fascinating facts about a bulletproof vehicle?

So, keep reading till the end if you want to explore all the interesting facts about car rentals armour vehicles and increase your knowledge.

  1. Leonardo da Vinci designed the first bulletproof vehicle:
    Never thought of it, right? Well, the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci was the first designer of a bulletproof or armored vehicle.
    He designed a turtle-shaped vehicle in 1485 with cannons pointing outside all over it, giving it 360-degree protection. Da Vinci also thought about using horses inside for powering up the vehicle.
    However, the flaws in the structure never allow the developers to make such an used armored car, yet the history is quite iconic.
  1. The number of bulletproof vehicles in use has crossed 300,000 worldwide:
    Yes, it’s true! The number of bulletproof vehicles that are in use in today’s world has crossed 300,000. So, if the cheapest vehicle costs approximately $120,000, and the others can cost over $3 million, calculate the price by yourself!
    The increasing number of terrorist attacks and kidnappings worldwide is the main reason people are opting for armored vehicles like never before.
  1. Bulletproof vehicles are not only about making the glass bulletproof:
    We often take it for granted that an armored vehicle refers to those with bulletproof glass. But you are wrong here!
    The custom kit of an luxury armored cars comes with a lot more than bulletproof glass. It contains a fireproof fuel tank, blast-proof carpet, run-flat tire system window shield, bulletproof window panel and side window glass.
  1. The weight of an armored vehicle is equal to the weight of a mini whale:
    Shocking! Nevertheless, it’s true.
    The main reason behind the enormous weight of a bulletproof vehicle is its parts and armoring process.
    The material used for a bulletproof vehicle is generally armored steel, shaped by a hot-forming procedure. Additionally, the tire, lining, and other parts get made of heavy and strong bulletproof materials.
    In this way, the overall weight of a bulletproof vehicle often comes out to be equal to the weight of a baby whale.
  1. A bulletproof vehicle never affects the look and style of your car:
    So, if you think that an luxury armored vehicles can ruin your car’s appearance and make it unfashionable, you are wrong!
    In short, using bulletproof glass, fireproof fuel tanks, run-flat tires, and other parts never makes your vehicle looks boring and inelegant. Instead, it remains the same, and others often don’t even recognize a bulletproof car on the road.


These were some interesting and unknown facts about a bulletproof vehicle. Hopefully, now, you have understood how important and safe an armored car can be. So, if you are thinking of buying one for the safety of your family and kids, please opt for it without any more second thought.

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