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SUVs are all-time favorites to car enthusiasts. However, the best ones of them are the technologically advanced models, like Cadillac Escalade. The fully armored and bulletproof Cadillac Escalade takes care of your defense. A brief look at its features will let you know how manufacturers have maintained ballistic armoring standards.

Carbon-composite panels with a sturdy design-

The most noticeable part is the integration of carbon-composite panels, which are stronger and better than ballistic steel. Their weight is 60% less than this steel. Moreover, Cadillac Escalade suv car rentals Miami is capable of enduring high-velocity rounds. electrical integrity is another significant feature of the vehicle. As the carbon composite panels are not weighty, they do not put a strain on your cars’ potential to steer, stop, and accelerate.

The latest bulletproof Cadillac Escalade comes with different trim packages, like 600 and ESV. The specially designed rear-view mirror takes your safety to a different level. At present, the armored Cadillac Escalade is the best available SUV in the market.

Features providing entertainment-

The tech-savvy drivers who love entertainment at the time of driving the car will praise the features of the Cadillac Escalade. From speakers to display, everything is refined. Moreover, you will find a 38-inch display inside the vehicle. This innovative 4K TV has made Cadillac Escalade an impressive choice. Without compromising your security, you can take advantage of these features.

Out of the total 38-inch display, 7.2-inch is touch-sensitive, and it is on the car driver’s left side. Similarly, the 16.9-inch touchscreen is on the right side of the screen. A 14.2-inch of display constitutes an instrument cluster.

The stunning OLED screen integrated into Cadillac is the true game-changer. You can notice a touch of royalty. The diagonal display also ensures that both passengers and drivers will enjoy these revolutionary features. The pixel density is high, and you will find a clear picture in the 4K TV.

While driving the vehicle, you can listen to the hi Fidelity AKG audio. Due to the premium speakers, you will have superior-quality audio.

A unique curvature in the bulletproof SUV-

The driver-oriented design is highly noticeable in the bulletproof SUV. In the latest Cadillac Escalade model, you can find Sports Platinum and Premium Luxury Platinum trims. You will not notice them in other Cadillac models. Wrapped in leather, the Escalade’s screen is amazing.

Ballistic glass and opaque armor-

Manufacturers have replaced the ordinary glass with layered glass having polycarbonates. Still, they have maintained the digital and appearance. In the passenger compartment, manufacturers have used properly treated ballistic alloys and synthetic fiber laminates.

Potential engine-

The armored Cadillac Escalade has a powerful V8 engine (6.2L). The automatic transmission coupled with 420HP delivers the best performance.

Armored, bulletproof Cadillac Escalade is a fully equipped armored suv. Still, you have the option of adding more accessories. For instance, you may add custom ballistic riot shields to serve your purpose.

Overall, Cadillac Escalade provides you with a blend of functional and aesthetic features. You can find flawless engineering with this vehicle.

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