Demand of bulletproof vehicles are rising, how they are made?

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Demand for bulletproof vehicles is rising

Bulletproof vehicles for sale in great demand and this market seems to grow continuously. Automobile manufacturers have started working hard to meet the surge of demand for these armored vehicles. We can see many examples like the 2020 Range Rover Sentinel that was released with many amazing features. It was launched with ballistic steel plate and shielded glass to make it bulletproof. There are so many luxurious cars including Toyota, BMW, Audi and Mercedes that come with bullet proofing options.

Security challenges are increasing day by day and it leads to increased demand of bullet proof vehicles. Crime rate has also increased, so people belonging to renowned and elite group are looking for these kinds of vehicles options. Driving in such safe vehicles offers passengers a sense of power and safety. If you want to understand how these vehicles are made, then check the details below:

These armored vehicles are heavier than regular vehicles. If you want to get your existing vehicle converted into armored one, then make sure you have a vehicle with sturdy structure to bear additional weight. Extra hinges are added to manage this process. This modification remains unnoticeable or untraceable.

Nonessential components of the vehicles are removed in order to reduce the weight of the vehicle so that it can easily withstand the extra weight. It may include removing seats, carpeting, wiring and more. Pillars and sides are welded with armored panel after opening and stuffing. These are made up of ballistic grade steel.  This is more about adding lighter weight material including Kevlar, ballistic nylon and resins.

Special firewalls are added along the sides and bottom of the vehicle too. Bumper is also added to make car burst out of the rubble or through blockades without making any damage to internal mechanics or radiator.

There are so many parts of your vehicle that undergo a rigorous transformation. There are so many companies in the market with experience and expertise offer such services.  Every part from doors, frames, engines and tires goes through a rigorous process during modification when a layer of extra protection is added to your vehicle.

These vehicles can use self-supporting system to carry weight temporarily under low tire pressure. Powerful engine also plays an important role to make modification process smooth. From fuse box to battery under the bonnet should be armored. Front, sides and rear glasses are protected by installing a transparent shield.

Some other features are added to make a protective wheel. These features include operational windows, spotlights, dual door locks and sirens.  Globally approved materials are used to test modifications that are conducted to convert a regular vehicle into an armored luxury car.

This is how the process is done. If you are looking for the armored vehicles available on rent or sale, then look no further than  This a reliable platform that ensures luxury armored vehicles along with quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, advanced technology, precision engineering and more.

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