Whether you need Armored Vehicles: 3 Steps to Help you Decide


How can you locate an armored vehicle that will perfectly meet your requirements for years to come? It only requires a little forethought and study. In order to help you decide on the best armoring solution for you and your family, US Presidential Transport has outlined a few steps that can be used to locate the precise armoring package, price, and location for you to test-drive.

  • Think on your needs for protection: In order to choose the amount of security that would best meet your demands, you must first evaluate why you need an armored vehicle, whether it be an SUV or a sedan. In order to select the best armored vehicle, you must carefully evaluate your security requirements and decide what kind of weapons and ammunition you anticipate to be protected against.
  • Settling a Budget: You can establish a budget once you’ve determined the amount of protection needed. An armored automobile is heavier and more expensive to produce than a standard car because of the additional ballistic-rated components that are added to the vehicle during construction. Before selecting on the kind of car and any other customizations one may have in mind, it is important to establish a budget.
  • Make time to test-drive a car that is comparable or identical: Numerous new and relatively new armored luxury SUVs and sedans are kept in stock by US Presidential Transport so that customers may choose one to buy or compare them to other makes and models to determine which one they prefer and would like to have guarded.
  • Think About All the Ownership Costs: Since armored cars don’t depreciate like regular vehicles do, we advise our clients to examine everything when choosing either their first or subsequent armored vehicle. One possibility is that an armored vehicle may be less expensive to purchase but more expensive to maintain.
  • Comparing Buying and Leasing: Buying and leasing both offer advantages and disadvantages, and how you feel about them may influence your choice. For instance, a lease offers reduced monthly payments and needs little or no down payment. But when the lease expires, you won’t have a vehicle and will have to go shopping once more. On the other side, purchasing a car requires a larger down payment and higher monthly payments. You will, however, possess an automobile that you may use for as long as it is operational once the loan is paid off.
  • Finding the Right Seller: To choose the best dealer for you, research nearby armored car dealerships. Your chosen vendor needs to have a large selection of automobiles, provide the levels of protection you require, and have references you can check. Your transaction will go more smoothly and confidently if you choose the proper seller. Due to the significance of selecting the ideal vehicle, purchasing an armored vehicle is typically a lengthy procedure.

An armored vehicle’s functions include protecting its occupants from danger, withstanding an initial burst of fire, and maintaining some degree of performance while driving out of an ambush.

US Presidential Transport offers high-end armored vehicles from sedans, trucks to SUVs and provides elite customers a great driving experience.

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