What Is the Price of a Bulletproof Armored Car?


You may not have a bulletproof armored car on your wish list. But, if you wish to ensure the safety of your client or assets requiring transportation, a high-quality safe car has high significance. It has become a necessity due to the insecurity happening around the world. If you have high-profile clients visiting your business, you need to make sure external threat does not cause them any harm. Depending on the perceived threat, you need to include security detail. Armored cars have become one of the sought-after security items to ensure road safety and prevent any adverse incidents such as carjacking, shooting, or deliberate car accidents. The armored vehicle acts as a cocoon-like shell to keep the car safe from any attacks.

Bulletproof Armored Car Cost

Are you looking to buy an armored car? Then, you may wish to know the total price of the vehicle. There are several factors influencing the total price. Here is the best method to know the total cost of the bulletproof armored vehicle:

  • Level Of Protection

You must decide on the level of protection needed for keeping the riders safe. It depends on the perceived threat. So, you can customize the vehicle to carry security accessories that can help prevent any attack.

  • Model Of The Vehicle

Depending on the security accessories you need to ensure safety, you need to choose the vehicle. The armor you install may cost higher for European vehicles. Compared to other models, the European models cost at least 10% to 20% more.

  • Coverage Area

The coverage area of the vehicle also impacts the overall price of the bulletproof vehicle. Some clients choose to armor the glass areas or the doors. It is ideal for people with less perceived threat and limited budget. Such vehicles may not have armor on the floor, roof, header, or pillar posts.

  • Country

The cost of armoring differs from one country to the other. Some countries charge high costs due to increased shipping prices, skilled labor, and import expenses. The price may vary up to 30% compared to standard prices.

Does your business need an luxury armored vehicles to keep your clients or assets safe? Then, you can consider buying it from one of the best platforms. US Presidential Transport can provide you with a sophisticated vehicle with the latest technology for enhanced safety. The platform can customize armored vehicles according to your safety requirements. But, many business people cannot shell out more than 90K-100K USD for such high-class cars. This platform also gives such people a chance to use an armored vehicle with the renting option. You can rent an armored car to meet your demands.

US Presidential Transport is the ideal place to look for luxury vehicles with added protection available for sale or rent. The platform always updates itself with the latest technology to meet the client’s demands and serve them efficiently. Customers have access to a wide selection of armored vehicles. The team constructs high-end vehicles using superior quality composite and lightweight materials for a smooth and safe journey. Irrespective of your decision to buy the armored car or rent it according to your needs, the team working behind the platform will offer you the best services.

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