What is the difference between an Armored Sedan & an Armored SUV?


Armored cars are considered to be more safe and secure and special thanks to the use of bulletproof glass which are also known as ballistic transparent texture. This material is usually designed by adding up polycarbonate material and special glass in an exclusively manufactured process. This process utilizes advanced technology for near-perfect optical viewing when the transparent material can sometimes be as thick as 75 mm while letting the driver function the vehicle without threatening the safety of that inside.

There are several renowned luxury armored vehicles manufacturers with a skilled team who has years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing armored cars and vehicles for the government, military and civilians. They started the operations to secure journey on wheels by deploying the latest avant-garde technology thoroughly tested in house and have extensive experience of developing & designing Bulletproof Military Vehicles, Security Vehicles for Government and high authority officials/Ministers.

The manufacturers of armored vehicles implement the latest technologies in laser cutting and bending, which don’t affect the metal structure resulting in the ability to supply armored vehicles that assures the utmost safety and security. The strengthening processes assimilated into the interior of the vehicle are out of sight and yet provide an exceptional level of security.

A Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

The first and the foremost thing added to the frame of an armored car is ballistic-grade steel. This makes the entire body of an armored vehicle immensely different from that of a regular car. The complete frame is enclosed in tempered steel and functional to the frame like a jigsaw puzzle with no gaps remaining. This way, remodelled vehicles can keep their entire shape while attaining a higher level of security.

 Ballistic Glass

All the glass in an armored vehicle is certainly different from a typical car off the lot. The windows are generally made up of a combination of leaded glass and a polycarbonate substrate. This let the windows, windshield, and rear window absorb energy from assaults without breaking. The glass is majorly one to three inches thick and must be completely reinstalled.

 Rebuilt Mechanics

An armored vehicle will usually have modified brakes, suspension, and engine components to haul the armor and also due to the added weight of steel and glass. These few changes also mean a recently armored vehicle will feel unlike to force once it has been completely outfitted.

Robust Bumpers and Tires

In the case of a hazardous event, armored luxury car are meant to get all passengers to safety. This includes bumpers that can withstand a recurring impact and tires that can maintain their function even when punctured.

With the development of new technologies, armored vehicles will soon become more transparent and less heavy-duty in the future and all while improving upon security. So whenever you going to buy any of the armored vehicles look at the above-mentioned factors and consider them thoroughly.

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