Top Tips on purchasing a pre-owned SUV car


SUV is one of the best segments of cars available in the market. These beautiful vehicles have a great road presence and are feature-rich. The SUVs are lush in comfort from the inside and provide a serene driving experience. If you are a car enthusiast who likes to take his/her car almost everywhere then an SUV car is the right and best option for you. Their high ground clearance, high power, and torque delivery make it possible to take these SUV cars through any terrain. People often tend to buy these beautiful machines second hand knowing that these SUV cars are made to last long, and people who cannot afford a new one can start by buying a pre-owned car. So, how do you decide which pre-owned car to buy? What are the factors to consider before buying a preowned car? Here are the top tips on purchasing a pre-owned SUV car


The first and foremost prerequisite before buying any car be it a new one or a pre-owned one is to make sure that you have a budget in mind. Having a budget becomes very important because it binds you to what you can spend. When one goes to buy a car people often tend to increase their budgets by some margin not realizing that maybe the extra dollars is not worth it. Hence, make sure that when you go to buy a pre-owned car you have a fixed budget, and you don’t have to cross it.

Test Drive:

The second most important part of buying a pre-owned car is to take a test drive of the car. While you take the test drive make sure that you turn off the music player of the car so that if there are any noises in the car they are easily noticed. Make sure that there are no noises from the steering wheel especially. Once you are happy that there are no noises, you can then switch on the AC of the car to check for cooling and car mileage.

Service History:

It is very important to check the service history of the car before buying a pre-owned vehicle. This is because the service history will help you understand the changes that the car had required. For example, a car would have required multiple clutch changes, then which means that clutch can be a problem in the future too. This will also help you understand how maintained the car is.

Professional Inspection:

Once you have test driven the car, inspected the car, and audited the service history, it is then recommended to get the car checked by some mechanic. Make sure you take a mechanic who you can trust or is not related to the seller anyhow. The mechanic will inspect the car with a more technical eye and will help you know what could be the future issues that you may face. Also, it will give you a sense of relief if the mechanic inspects the car and lets you know that everything is good.

Car documents:

Get the car documents from the seller and get them checked by a local lawyer. Also, make sure that there are no pending fines on the vehicle which should be cleared off before the vehicle transfer.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle can be a seamless process if the above-listed tips are followed. So make sure that you follow the tips before buying a pre-owned SUV.

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