Top technologies equipped in a Luxury Armoured Car


The world of cars is getting as fascinating as it could with each passing day. The best engineers and designers in the world are putting up a spectacle on the roads by equipping the latest cars with the best features and design elements. These features and design elements are not just to make sure that the silhouette of the car looks amazing, these also help in making the cars safe. Most of the car manufacturers now work primarily on making the cars, road-safe for passengers and the commuters around the car rentals armour. The aspect of safety is taken a notch higher in armored cars. Armored cars are vehicles that are designed and manufactured keeping in mind that the passengers in the car are safe in case there is any kind of life-threatening activity around them, like gunfire or the use of any explosives.

Facts About Luxury Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles come with different certifications depending upon the level of security they provide. Not all armored vehicles will protect their passengers against landmines or heavy gunfire, while some might. So, it depends upon the certification of the vehicle. Though these used armored cars for sale and now come with technologies that astonish a commoner. So, what are the top technologies equipped in a luxury armored car? Here is a list of a few.

1-      Bullet Resistance Glass:

Bullet resistant glass is thick glass panes that are installed in place of a regular window, windscreen, or a backlite. These bullet-resistant glasses can be up to 55mm or thicker depending upon the level of protection they provide. The Bullet resistant glasses are multi-layered glasses that are a combination of various dampening materials like polycarbonate.

2-      Run Flat tires:

When under threat or attack the attackers try to hot the tires of the car to immobilize it. In case the car stands still during the attack the chances of the attackers penetrating increase. Therefore, the option of run-flat tires comes into action. These tires even when flat can take the car up to 30+ miles at speeds around or greater than 50+ miles per hour.

3-      Smoke Dispensers:

Every car but electrical dispense smoke, so what is the difference? While most of the cars in the world dispense some smoke into the atmosphere through their exhaust, there is a safety feature that makes sure that this smoke increases to a level that the car is just surrounded by smoke. The smoke dispensing system uses oil which is heated to the level that it evaporates and when it mixes with the cool air around the vehicle, it makes a mist curtain not allowing the attackers to see the location of the vehicle. This gives the vehicle a clear passage.

4-      Electric Shock Handles:

It may be possible that the attackers somehow can reach the used armored car. In this case, they would want to open the car to extract the passenger from the car. In this scenario, electric shock handles come into action. These handles have enough energy in them to give the attackers a jolt which can cause them some serious injury. Therefore, allowing the driver to escape with the vehicle.

The world of automobiles has moved leaps and bounds ahead in terms of technology and safety. Armored cars are one such example. Cars are not big machines, and therefore fitting in technology in them is not an easy task. The level of security that the cars now provide is commendable. Armored vehicles are an example of high-class engineering that makes sure that the passengers in the car feel safe irrespective of what surrounds them.

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