Key Features that make an Armored Cars Perfect.


Armored cars are subsequently more secure and special thanks to the use of bulletproof glass. This material is normally designed by adding both polycarbonate material and special glass in a uniquely manufactured process. This procedure has a special cutting-edge technology for near-perfect optical viewing when the transparent material can sometimes be as thick as 75 mm while letting the driver operate the bulletproof luxury cars without menacing the wellbeing or safety of those insides. Even if the impervious body of the vehicle is armored and resistant to distinct bullets, there is still the risk of projectiles affecting through the three-inch-thick windows. The Beast, which is the armored sedan made for POTUS, is particularly made with armor up to five inches thick.

They’re much heavier

The prime factor that makes the armored vehicles special is they are depended on the protection level that your vehicle has been retrofitted for and how broadly or certifiably it was armored, its final weight could be nearly 800 to 2,000 pounds heavier than the standard unarmored version.

Armored cars classically have the most controlling engine available for the model used, with retrofitted heavy-duty interruption system and brakes. It is also suggested to sue the highest payload tires, when available.

They’re assembled to ram through things

The majority of people have noticed that bulletproof vans and trucks, especially the CIT armored vehicles are mostly equipped with heavy-duty bull bars and bulky bumpers. This is intended to let the armored vehicle eliminate barricades on the road and pass over most barriers that block its path. Personal protection kind armored cars and sedans have also reinforced the bumpers in a low profile manner which are not even noticed by layman’s eyes.  And, of course, they normally have a few more bells and whistles that allow their armored sedans and SUVs to survive greater threats. The average car would not likely survive the impact of ephemeral through a barricade that an armored sedan or SUVs would.

Bomb Blankets

They are specially designed to absorb the impact from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and decreasing the shrapnel that is connected with pipe bombs, hand grenades, and other fragments around explosives.

Road Tacks

There are custom vehicles that can be specially equipped with a Road Tack Dispenser which, when deployed, can importantly increase your chance to escape a treacherous situation. The system has been designed to let the driver remotely release tire damaging and deflating devices from behind the car’s rear wheels onto the roadway to disable the pursuit of the following vehicle.

Electric Shock Handles

The notably invented electric door handle system functions with a power inverter that helps to convert the 12-volt battery voltage into a 120-volt current fed straightly to the door handles. To operate the system, cars have installed a shielded toggle switch inside the vehicle for added safety precautions.

Undoubtedly, everyone is aware of the fact that armored luxury car are considered to be unique, exclusively when they’re used within precise industries and usage. However, some standard automobiles can be outfitted with different levels of armor for daily use that are referred to as personal protection type armored vehicles.

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