How Luxury Armored Cars are Made?


When one used to think about car safety, our mind goes for things like airbags, unbreakable glass, and anti-lock brakes. Nevertheless, in the world of today’s cars, the safety of the car won’t stop here. Luxury armored personnel carriers today are also made so that they are capable of withstanding bomb blasts and gunfire. Above everything else, armored luxury cars also have an advantage that they used to generate a useful smokescreen to ward off attackers.

How are Luxury Armored Cars Made?

luxurious armored cars

Something more than adding a few steel plates or metal to an existing automotive or truck structure is required to produce bulletproof and armored vehicles that would provide superior security and protection for the one in need. Professional knowledge of ballistics, explosions, and the attacker tactics’ potential and technical knowledge is required to create effective bulletproof vehicles.

How is it protected?

Nevertheless, the basic component that safeguards the passengers of a bulletproof vehicle is armored reinforcement. That is a protective shell consisting of numerous plates of highly corrosive steel, stainless steel, or composite materials that surround anyone traveling in a properly armored car.

The material used in armored cars is much greater than conventional vehicles’ metal sheets. The armor layer on a vehicle designed to survive highly destructive bullets fired from powerful automatic weapons can approach a quarter inch. Successive layers of protection can be added using ballistic fiberglass or even fabric liners.

A bulletproof vehicle can be constructed from the ground up by welding amour to a bare chassis or converted from a production vehicle. The known interior of the automobile vehicle, modified, is almost looked naked in this scenario to allow amour to be installed on the walls, roof, pillars, firewall, doors, and floor.

Door overlaps are the pieces of armor that seal the susceptible seams between both the doors and the bodies. Between the driver’s seat and the passengers or cargo area, some armored vehicles also include a steel barrier.

Why does one need to have an armored vehicle?

Requirement of Armored Vehicles

Take the time and consider yourself with some of the most luxurious armored cars that are available in the market today. Suppose You’re reclining in a comfortable leather armchair, sipping cocktails that you have taken from the minibar in the passengers’ compartment. When the attacker approaches, you’re Ok with it and enjoy ambient music in the car. Protected luxury vehicles may appear like something from a Bond movie, but they exist.


In this world, everyone has the right to be safe. Consequently, luxurious armored personnel carriers are available for everyone in need or want to be safe, from banks to military members, superstars to heads of government. These vehicles are known for their resistance to bullets, explosions, and other violent attacks that may happen. Nevertheless, you will be obligated to pay a substantial sum varying from approximately 2 to 1.5 million dollars. Above everything, riding such vehicles is completely legal.

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