How does a Bullet Proof Glass Works?


Bulletproof glass is substantially a sturdy alternative to glass for vehicles that require an additional level of protection as bulletproof glass is meant to absorb energy from bullets upon impact. Bulletproof’ glass is considered to be very different to ordinary glass and also be known as bullet-resistant glass as no glass is t entirely bulletproof. It’s made from various layers of tough glass with interlayers of distinct plastics.

Sometimes, there’s a last inner layer of polycarbonate as a tough kind of plastic or plastic film to safeguard spalling where hazardous shards of glass or plastic splinter off following the impact of a bullet.

This sandwich of layers defines a laminate. It can be nearly ten times thicker than a single pane of normal glass and it’s typically very heavy. When a bullet strikes bulletproof glass, its vigor spreads out sideways by the layers. Since the energy is divided between several distinct pieces of glass and plastic and put on a large area, it is instantly absorbed.

Bulletproof glass generally works by offering a supplementary security measure to protect your armored luxury car. Like other materials, bulletproof glass is not impermeable completely. So the more correct term for bulletproof glass is bullet-resistant glass or armored ballistic glass.

While selecting various materials, bulletproof glass manufacturers not only consider the strength of the material but also optical clarity. Acrylic and polycarbonate are the two most admired kinds of resins which have both these features. These are tremendously sound and have a high level of optical clarity. So these are the most preferred choices in the last era.

Acrylic Bullet Resistant Glass

It is usually a single 3/4-inch thick sheet of acrylic which is specifically designed for conventional use. So it offers basic protection and falls in the level B4 category. These kinds of glasses can majorly protect you from a few 9mm bullets.

Polycarbonate Bullet Resistant Glass

This glass is made by layering different polyurethane with polycarbonate between the sheets of glass. It also gives three diverse levels of protection from bullets

The alternating layers of plastic can help to absorb the force of a bullet. First of all, the bullet pierces the initial layer of material. Then, the further layer of polycarbonate resists firmly against the bullet. So it will help to reduce the bullet’s momentum by riveting the round through a series of layers.

Various reputed manufacturers make certified and licensed bulletproof glasses bypassing numerous tests on the products to verify the safety and protection levels and they adhere to in delivering the vehicles.

Certainly, bulletproof glass is more operative in comparison to simple glass. As simple glass can’t diminish the momentum of the bullet, rock, bat, or object with an intent to harm. Bulletproof glass can even break the bullets of several handguns. However, it can’t break the bullets of powerful guns but lessen the velocity of bullets dramatically. That’s why several specialists call it bullet-resistant glass instead of calling it luxury armored vehicles glass as what is generally used.

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