Do luxury armored cars have any special body or interior equipment?

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Many people think about airbags, bulletproof glass, and anti-lock brakes when talking about automotive safety. But automotive safety is not limited to these things nowadays. Now, bulletproof luxury cars can resist bomb blasts and gunfire. Above all, armored luxury cars even emit practical smokescreens to protect against attackers.

In the passenger compartment, you are sitting in a soft leather seat and sipping champagne from your minibar. When attackers attack, you are perfectly okay and enjoying light music in the vehicle. It might seem like a scene from a James Bond film, but armored luxury vehicles are real.

Armored vehicles are vehicles that are particularly designed to withstand explosions and attacks from diverse lethal weapons. A few years back, the usage of such vehicles was very limited. Mainly armed forces, banks, and higher authorities of states used such vehicles. Today, even the armored vehicles with all lavish features are normally used by civilians.

However, civilian bulletproof vehicles are common in different variations than the available military vehicle options. You can tailor-made plenty of various safety and security features according to your needs.

Armoring Standards

There are various armoring standards for civilian used armored cars. For instance, Ballistics Rating or BR is a European categorization standard used to certify both materials and vehicle constructions.

These cars contain some special luxury equipment. Different vehicle manufacturing agencies install special luxury equipment based on clients’ needs and wishes.

An Extra line of Security:

One of the most significant features that attract most individuals towards an armored luxury car is optimal security. For unsuspecting worst-case scenarios, it gives you the unsurpassed protection for you and added protection can help you avoid serious injuries, loss of life, financial difficulty, and more.

Discreet Protection:

Nowadays, a wide range of armored vehicles manufactured is discreet. It means that the vehicle will appear the same as any customary vehicle. You or someone else would barely be able to make a distinction based on appearance. However, they have improved the technology and features that cannot be found in any ordinary vehicle. It has immense suspension, armored plates, bulletproof glass, etc. for absolute security purposes. In any hostile situation, it keeps riders and drivers utterly safe. With highly developed security measures, armored vehicles are chosen by various celebrities, military officers, executives, and other high-profile guests.

Protection on a different level:

Armored vehicles come with distinct kinds of safety standards – the level of ballistic protection and the level of blast resistance. Based on your requirements for protection and budget, you can decide to go with armoring.

Now when a person has gone through the exhilarating attributes of an armored vehicle, they may be willing to know more about armoring for their existing car. Today, there are various renowned manufacturers are available in the market with years of expertise in armored vehicles. They focus on providing protection and prestige to the clients so feel free to contact them right away. Their professional executive will get in touch with you very soon.

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