Difference Between Bulletproof Armored Vehicles and Regular vehicles?


Did you know that more than 100,000 civilian-driven armored vehicles are on the road worldwide? That’s a huge number of protected vehicles that, at first glance, look quite like the other cars driving down the highway. In fact, over the past 20 years, bulletproof cars have gone from looking like their forefathers—containers—to now including electric cars and other family-friendly options.

Below are some aspects that can ascertain the vehicle is bulletproof.

A Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

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The first thing added to the frame of a bulletproof car is ballistic-grade steel. This makes the body of a bulletproof vehicle vastly different from that of a regular car. The entire body is covered in tempered steel and applied to the frame like a jigsaw puzzle with no gaps remaining. This way, reconstructed vehicles can keep their shape while gaining higher security.

Ballistic Glass

All the glass in a bulletproof vehicle slightly differs from a classic car off the lot. The windows are constructed from a combination of leaded glass and a polycarbonate substrate. This allows the windows, windshield, and rear glass to absorb impact energy without shattering. The glass is generally one to three inches thick and must be fully reinstalled.

Rebuilt Mechanics

Due to the added load of steel and glass, a bulletproof vehicle will generally have modified brakes, suspension, and engine components to haul the shield. These changes also mean a newly bulletproof car will feel different to drive once it has been fully outfitted.

Robust Bumpers and Tires

Bumpers on bulletproof vehicles are normal to run through just about anything. In the case of a risky event, bulletproof cars are meant to get all passengers to security. These add bumpers that can withstand a repeated impact and tires that can manage their function even when punctured.

Brand-new technologies will soon allow bulletproof vehicles to become more precise and less heavy-duty in the future—all while developing upon the security these vehicles offer today. Ballistic glass is already becoming lighter and also powerful. The development of self-inflating tires and upgraded car design will make it almost impossible to differentiate a regular vehicle from a bulletproof vehicle in the near future.


Hence, it can be concluded when you are on the road and wondering whether the vehicle that just passed you is bulletproof or normal, you should check for the tell-tale signs. With that said, you should not overreact! We are not saying to purchase a luxury car you cannot afford. We are talking about the technology used in bulletproof vehicles for security purposes. A usual car can only give you a specific set of features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, rear defogger, parking sensor, ORVM, and central locking.

With all these features and the best interiors, mileage, bulletproof floor, run-flat tires, armored fuel tank, 360-degree armored protection, ballistic operable windows, upgraded suspension, and so many other features, investment in an armored car can augment the benefits of driving a safe vehicle on attack-prone roads as well. With a bulletproof car, you can escape in style like other famous and wealthy people. That’s how this amazing invention of the bulletproof armored car works.

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