Adding Bulletproof Protection to Your Existing Vehicle

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Earlier only a few companies used to sell armored cars like Mercedes-Benz & BMW but today with passing time there are several bulletproof car manufacturers globally that are certified and licensed and do the job of bulletproofing. The companies provide security with perfection while armoring your vehicle. Now, it’s time for you to finalize how and how much security your luxury armored vehicles provides you and even various companies do the bulletproofing of your vehicle as an add on.

To understand better firstly one should know that only a 3.0-litre turbocharged diesel unit or higher vehicle can be armored because of the extra weight of the added armoring stuff which increases the weight nearly by 150%.

One thing which is in your hands is the security and strength you want your vehicle to be. The range is endless from bulletproof sheets to bulletproof glass which also comes in different gradients to external communication to firing units. You simply ask for it and you can have it in your vehicle.

Bulletproof cars are usually enforced with new ballistic material, tires, glass, and ammunition as per the requirements. These security features are typically layered with the original body of the vehicle. A final finishing touch of the original interiors hides the complete bulletproof process and declaration of being bulletproof. Many people mostly worry about their car as well it is in good shape as it was when it directly came from the manufacturer but as manufacturers have hands-on experience of years they simply add extra strong martial arts abilities to your gorgeous car.

With the actual process, every part of the car have different requirements and you cannot armor the tire the same way as the window of the vehicle for various reasons.

Can anyone make out that it bulletproofed

No one can get to know from the exteriors that the car is armored whereas it simply gives you a sense of confidence when you know your enemies or potential threat cannot find out. One of the critical aspects of having an armored vehicle is to maintain a low profile. In armored cars, specific techniques are used that allow the windows to roll up and down, at least for the front windows. Limited use is advised for security purposes and wear and tear of the bullet-resistant glass.

As now everyone understands that any car can be bulletproofed, the glasses are safe, it can be used as a regular car also and above all nobody can find out whether its bulletproof car or a regular car. Now, with all the information on armored vehicles and the safety and security it provides; you are all set to take your security to a higher level. If you are living in a sensitive area, then you need not think twice and armor your vehicle and attain your peace of mind.

Undoubtedly, bulletproofing your car is tough and most of the time, you probably would not be able to install a lot of parts so it is always suggested to consult professional manufacturers.

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