5 Truths About Armored Mercedes Vehicles You Didn’t Know

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The Mercedes has always been an iconic vehicle in terms of style, design, features, power, and enhanced performance on the road. The highest Mercedes armored in the range include the Maybach, S-Class, E-Class, and G-Class. The ride quality and feel post-armoring of Mercedes vehicles are unquestionable since their luxury posture is on another level. Armored vehicle demand has increased globally as celebrities, and high-net-worth individuals use them. So what are some of the hidden truths you did not know about an armored Mercedes vehicle? Let us find out below.

The Top 5 Hidden Truths of Armored Mercedes Vehicles

1 Mercedes Manufactured the First Armoured Vehicle

Mercedes Benz Nuirburg 460 (W08) is the first recorded armored to come into service for the safe transportation and protection of VIPs. The vehicle came into service in 1928 with 18.80 hp, 4918cc, an eight-cylinder engine, and a four-speed manual gearbox. These were astronomical stats for the time and set new standards in armoring.

Even if not many details are available on the armor plating of the vehicle, the vehicle had unique safety features for the time.

Mercedes-Benz followed up in 1930 with a Mercedes-Benz Nurburg 460 PopeMobiile, a special armored edition for the Pope. Today, this version of the early armored vehicles is among the top 10 costliest Mercedes armored vehicles ever.

2 High Certified Blast Resistance 

Today, the Mercedes-Benz armored vehicles in the S, E, G, and Maybach ranges are highly-certified blast-resistant vehicles. Be it bombs, grenades, and rocket launchers. The Mercedes armored vehicles enhance maximum safety for their occupants according to the class range of armor. For example, the Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman Guard has a v-12 twin-turbo engine, 530hp, and 5980 cc engine. The other vehicle specifics are regularly revised and updated for maximum safety standards. The vehicle safety features are upgradable to the highest range available in the vehicle armor plating.

3 Robust Customization According to Requirements 

Several celebrity clients are looking for security solutions in travel and among the most highly-rated vehicles to customize is Mercedes. The Mercedes-Benz armored vehicles have the star presence, unrivaled performance, and long-term durability that endear clients. To many users, they are power-packed performers.

4 The Most Expensive Armored SUV is a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 

According to armor reports, the 2018 Mercedes-Bez AMG is the costliest armored SUV at over 1.2 million dollars. The price tag may vary with vehicle details given the enhancements, improvements, and upgrades. However, extra guard features and enhanced safety make this AMG stand out. Armor on every perceivable level of threat with response armor solutions is credible. The AMG SUV has extended 100% bullet-proof glass, a fire suppression system, and incorporated all-around surveillance capability with infrared and thermal surveillance sensors. Besides, the 5.5L engine, in V8 formatting belting out 563 horsepower, is a power-packed performance vehicle. The armor plating extends to tires with puncture-proof technology and enhanced ability to perform at the highest levels.

5 Mercedes Armored Vehicles are Part of the Standard Presidential Transportation

The testament to the caliber and pedigree of vehicle safety features is when Presidents deem it necessary or as part of their safe transportation. Many heads of state globally faithfully trust in the advanced features offered in the Mercedes armored vehicle collection. Presidential safety while traveling is always paramount as the nation and its transient peace relies on its leadership and administration safety.


Naturally, VIP safety incorporates several other specifics according to the threat perception and class of protection. The armored Mercedes vehicles cater to high-profile dignitaries, VIPs, and royals for enhanced and maximum safety features.

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