5 Interesting facts about Armored vehicles

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Armored vehicles are popular among VIPs and many people who are concerned about their safety while driving on roads and want to deal with threats without any hassle. It is good idea to have armored car if you live in a violence prone or unsecure area. These cars are designed with many amazing features that fascinate people. Many people want to buy it and many already have it.

The first armored vehicle was introduced to offer 360-degree protection to handle violence. It was introduced in 1485. There were many flaws back then and that is why it could not get that much famous. But its popularity and demand has increased these days for so many good reasons that we know very well.

Here in this guide, we have mentioned some interesting facts about these vehicles, you can check them below:

Armoring does not impact appearance of your car:

Most of the people think that armoring can impact appearance and style of any car, but this is not the fact.  luxury armored vehicles look same in terms of style and appearance and you need not to worry about it. Those who have been planning to armor their vehicle, they should go for it without having any doubt. Armoring is not noticeable to others. You just need to make right choice and take step towards the security of your loved ones.

Armored cars are in great demand:

These cars or vehicles are in high demand and these demands increased with increased number of threats, international perils, terrorism, kidnapping and many such incidents. People want to be safe while driving or going outside. Armored cars give you an opportunity to protect your loved ones. These vehicles have become more promising these days. It can ensure safe future as well. Civilians can have these cars.

Cost of armored vehicles may vary:

Some people think that all armored cars or armoring a vehicle service is available at the same cost, then they may be wrong. You may pay a bit more if you need ultra-modern armored vehicle. You can get economic armoring solutions if you just need basic safety features in your vehicle.

It offers complete protection:

If you are inside an armored vehicle, then you are safe from head to toe as it is built with various safety features that offer complete protection. These features include hot-formed ballistic parts, blast proof carpet, bulletproof windshields, run flat tyres, bulletproof glass, Fire-proof fuel tank and many advanced safety features.

Only heavy vehicles are used for armoring:

Only those who have heavy vehicles, they can get their vehicles armored. This process adds weight to vehicle and it is mainly armored steel reshaped and other parts like tyres and lining are made thicker.

These are few interesting facts about these vehicles. There are so many people who actually want to know more about these vehicles. You can research online and find more interesting things about armoring solutions. Hope you like the post!

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